Value Management

Value Management is a discipline dedicated to identifying the items that create value (i.e. shareholder wealth) in a company… Read More >>

Executive Search

Zaitech performs Executive Search on an exclusive basis, under a retainer structure. That’s the only way we can guarantee… Read More >>

Executive Assessment

Zaitech’s Executive Assessment services are competency-based and value-oriented. That means our model must first… Read More >>

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th_guiaAugusto Dias Carneiro’s Tumblr

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th_guiaGuia de Sobrevivência na Selva Empresarial

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th_artistasArtistas, Cientistas, e Artesãos, Educação em linha, nº 10

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th_augustoComo as Empresas Funcionam (How Companies Work)

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th_augustoPerformance Appraisal

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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a professional relationship between a Coach and an Executive, or an Executive Team, and a deliberate… Read More >>

Augusto L. Dias Carneiro

Augusto L. Dias Carneiro currently dedicates his professional energy to Searching for, Coaching, and Assessing Executives:.. Read more >>

Zaitech’s Commandments

Zaitech’s ten commandments include: 1. We are an Executive Search, Assessment and Coaching company. In Search mode… Read More >>

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How to Solve It

Excerpt from George Polya’s book How to Solve It Princeton University Press 1944. Download PDF

Sample CV Format

A sample CV format to assist jobseekers in preparing resumes. Download PDF