Zaitech offers Executive Search (finding new senior talent for our clients).
We perform Executive Search on an exclusive basis, under a retainer structure. That’s the only way we can guarantee our impartiality in the process and thus deliver the best-value solution to our clients.
Executive Search, Assessment, and Coaching reinforce each other, allowing the client to see in Zaitech a strategic partner delivering senior-executive solutions[1].

Zaitech’s model is relationship-oriented (as opposed to transaction-oriented). We are committed to creating long-term value in our clients. Our fee structure reflects this. For example, we offer a one-year, free-replacement, guarantee for all candidates placed.

What questions should an executive ask when looking for Executive-search services?
• Does the provider work on a contingency, partial-contingency, or retainer basis?
Contingency means the provider will be remunerated only in case of success. These services are
quite different from each other, and special care must be taken here.
• How will you deal with issues of confidentiality?
• If I hire your company, which of my executives will become off-limits to you?
• Are the executives you place off-limits to you for as long as they are under this company’s employ?
• Will the executives you place be assessed quarterly, during their first year of employ, on their performance, and on their compatibility with my company’s culture as well?
• What if I like a candidate, but for a different position?
• Can you put a confirmed search on hold for a while? What will be your actions during that period?
• Do I get partial credit for a cancelled search?
• If I ask you to include internal candidates, how will you deal with that?
• What is your policy on discrimination? These issues pertain to age, sex, sexual orientation, social status, origin and religion.
• How will you check the finalist’s personal and professional references?
• Will you seek formal confirmation, from the universities, of the finalist’s academic credentials? (a recent global survey shows that 11% of academic credentials are either false or overstated)
• Will you negotiate remuneration for me?
• Will you help me with the variable-remuneration part of the finalist’s package?
• Can I hire your company to perform some but not all of the above?

[1] Of course, this creates potential role conflicts, and we have very strict policies and rules concerning these. For example, we will not replace an executive we are presently coaching, or whose coaching with us ended less than 90 days before.

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