Zaitech’s Ten Commandments

1. We are an Executive Search, Assessment and Coaching company. In Search mode, we focus (although not 100%) on placing people in positions with annual remuneration in excess of US$ 100 K in companies in the Oil, Gas, Energy and Mining sectors;

2. We are passionate about what we do and proud to do it well;

3. We strive to see both the forest and the trees, focus on details, and listen carefully to what the client says (and doesn’t say);

4. Given a choice between being Fast and being Deep we will always choose to be Deep: we reach our objectives and meet our deadlines without skipping any steps;

5. We are highly committed to our clients. But we have a higher commitment to the Market: i.e, we shall never sell what we wouldn’t buy;

6. We are very good at Originating work, but are better still at Executing it. We believe that the world´s best business card is flawless execution. This includes: 6a) running a preliminary sweep of each search before we even write the proposal; 6b) knowing what our client does (oil, gas, energy, mining); 6c) knowing we are in the people business where face to face interaction is critical; 6c) obtaining quarterly feedback during the guarantee period (one year);

7. We deserve every penny that we charge; if we feel that the client will be better served searching directly in the market, or with another provider, we will be the first to tell them so;

8. We do not seek out employees of any client (or ex-client) for 24 months counting from the end of the last engagement (this is true for Search, Assessment and Coaching). Those candidates placed by ourselves are off-limits for as long as they work for that client (or ex-client), unless we are waived in writing;

9. In the world of Services, the client can´t kick the tires as he/she would in the world of Products. We position ourselves firstly via Thought Leadership and secondarily via a Bulletproof Reputation (see next item);

10. Reputation is something that takes 30 years to acquire and 30 minutes to lose. Everything we do can be published in a major newspaper or on the internet. Our work requires carefully controlling our public visibility.

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